Additive Education was born in October 2005 by Kathleen Daalmeyer (and joined soon after by me, Jenny Ravlic). Our goal was to help families and adults avoid nasty food additives to improve behaviour, health and learning. Gee we had fun, doing presentations, supermarket tours, wellness coaching sessions and workshops at kinders, schools, libraries, workplaces and homes. We helped a lot of people, mainly families, be more aware of what was in the food they were eating and how to make additive free choices. After working together for about 10 years, Kathleen handed over Additive Education to me and I’ve been continuing to help people on my own.

I have personally experienced the effects of food additives with myself and my children. I am experienced in FAILSAFE, dairy-free and additive-free living with my family (three sons and a hubby), solving many issues from rashes on faces and asthma coughs to disruptive behavioural problems and motor tics. We used to visit the doctors every week when the boys were young, but after changing our diet about 21 years ago, visiting the doctors became a very rare occurrence. Our boys are now young adults and we have continued the awareness of what we eat, avoiding nasty additives and managing natural chemicals as required. Even though our consumption of natural chemicals has drastically increased, we all know our individual tolerance levels to ensure we maintain a healthy and happy lifestyle.

My experiences with food and its effect on my boys’ wellbeing has helped me understand how food also affects my own mood, sleep patterns and general health.

Additive Education is a part-time business for me, but it is my passion. I love helping people improve their health and wellness by avoiding nasty additives. Some very simple changes to the food you eat can make huge improvements to the quality of your life.  If you would like to explore how food might be affecting your wellbeing, please contact me.

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