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Kathleen Daalmeyer

Living Additive Free

Simplifying Dietary Change

When it first dawned on me that food additives were very badly affecting my family, I obviously wanted to make some changes to what we were eating! I’d digested all the information, and started to apply it to the food we ate. It made a lot of sense, and I felt confident we were really onto something. I rejoiced as…
Kathleen Daalmeyer
26 February 2014
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Personalise Your Journey

What we LOVE about what we do! (from Jenny & Kathleen) At Additive Education one of the things we most enjoy is being able to jump-start and short-cut other people's journeys to Wellness, particularly with the personalised services of Wellness Coaching and Supermarket Tours. It took quite a few years for us to feel like we'd “mastered” the world of…
Kathleen Daalmeyer
11 February 2014