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Wellness image for Personalise Your Journey blogWhat we LOVE about what we do! (from Jenny & Kathleen)

At Additive Education one of the things we most enjoy is being able to jump-start and short-cut other people’s journeys to Wellness, particularly with the personalised services of Wellness Coaching and Supermarket Tours.

It took quite a few years for us to feel like we’d “mastered” the world of Food Additives and Food Intolerance. Don’t get us wrong, we’ve not “arrived” yet, for these learnings are not a destination, but a continuing journey. However, it’s our many stops and starts, wrong turns, dead ends, looking for sign-posts, and stopping to ask for helpful directions (when we remember!), that form the “road map” that enables us to help others more easily break free of the needless suffering caused by Food Additives and Chemicals. It gives even more meaning and satisfaction to our own journey, each and every time we share the valuable lessons learnt, and see the positive changes that result!

Why Wellness Coaching or Supermarket Tours?

They’re targeted and more effective services because they cater for your individual needs (additive free, dairy free, gluten free, FAILSAFE and more) and family lifestyle. With our Wellness Coaching we come to your home or business kitchen, evaluate your unique food and symptom issues, and provide product alternatives and recipe advice.

Supermarket tours are also great for personalised help with reducing additives in your diet, either in a small group (4-6 people) or one-on-one for extra personalised attention. We have helped hundreds of families resolve issues by attending an additive audit supermarket tour.

Read what some of our customers have to say:

“It has been invaluable to connect with you. The changes we have made through your advice and support have made a dramatic difference to our lives and to Levon’s health over the last month. I have found your SAFE shopping list a lifesaver, as it recommends everyday foods and easy substitutions that don’t require any effort. Both Dave and I were very impressed with the Wellness Coaching Session. Dave particularly mentioned how relieved he was at your realistic and ‘real-world’ approach. In terms of value for money, we both felt that it was worth it. We have spent literally hundreds of dollars on medications and specialists for Levon over the last year, none of which has helped. The Wellness Coaching session was excellent value for money because it actually made a tangible difference to our life.” (Feedback from Jackie, mum of 2 yo Levon with bad asthma symptoms.)

“I would highly recommend this tour to anyone with children, intolerances or not, as I think it is our responsibility to know exactly what we are feeding them and what can be hidden in clever wording.  Jenny was fantastic, very informative, friendly and made a massively daunting undertaking seem very easy and clear.  It is well worth the money and I cannot thank Jenny enough for her patience with my endless questions and queries.  I am at the end of elimination diets for both of my kids and could not have done it without first completing this tour or without the support of Jenny.” (Feedback from Sam, mum of 2)

Are you ready to short-cut your journey with Personalised Wellness Coaching, or a Supermarket Tour? Improve your family’s wellness – contact us now.

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