Whether you are a parent, teacher, employer, event organiser or individual interested in food intolerance and/or the effects of food additives, we have a number of services to help you.

Our services listed below can be adapted to meet your needs.  Please contact us with any questions you have or visit Additive Education on Facebook.



Supermarket Tours

Come on a tour of your local supermarket to discover additive free products to improve the wellness of you and your family.


Personal Wellness Coaching

Personalised service catering to your individual needs and family lifestyle to improve health and wellbeing.


Large and Small Presentations

Learn about the effects of food additives on behaviour, health and learning; how to identify the nasty additives on food labels; and discover some safe commercial food alternatives.


School Programs

The “Eating for Success” program can improve the behaviour, health and learning of the students at your school.


Workplace Programs

Customised “Workplace Wellness” programs can improve the health and wellness of your employees, as well as their families.