Healthy workers with healthy families result in a more productive workforce. We have seen first-hand the positive impact of family wellness on our overall work performance.

Nasty food additives can contribute to:

  • Decreased ability to concentrate and function
  • Decreased decision-making capacity
  • Impaired communication
  • Impaired hand-eye coordination, resulting in more school or work injuries
  • Memory problems
  • Irritability
  • Sleep disorders
  • Fatigue
  • Obesity
  • Depression and anxiety, eating disorders, ADHD or ADD
  • Asthma and other respiratory conditions
  • Missed days at work or school because of the above effects of food additives

Learning about food additives and the effects on health and wellness, and discovering some simple ways to avoid the worst of these effects, can help to dramatically improve mental and physical health. Let Additive Education help you build a healthier workplace by educating and empowering your employees to avoid additives, thereby supporting their entire family’s health and wellbeing.


Mental illness alone costs billions of dollars per year, including the costs of treatment, lost productivity and lost participation in the labour force, and affects millions of Australians. Whether your employees themselves are experiencing mental illness, or through the young people in their family, there is growing evidence linking the consumption of additives found in common foods to behavioural problems and mental ill health.

Helping employees avoid mental health problems as well as issues such as asthma, headaches/migraines, sleeping problems, behavioural issues and recurring colds for themselves and/or their family can improve productivity in the home and at work.


Research shows:

  • 60% of 6 year olds show improved behaviour & sleeping on an additive free diet
  • Artificial colours increase activity levels and inattention, leading to educational difficulties
  • Research on mental health found a typical Western diet makes an individual more likely to be withdrawn, anxious and aggressive
  • 64% of children diagnosed with ADHD are actually experiencing a hypersensitivity to food, 2/3 no longer needed to take medication
  • Learning disabilities more than halved when additives were removed from 800+ schools in New York
  • In an Australian School Additive Free trial, the behaviour of 1 in 3 children significantly improved. For those with “Behavioural Problems” there was an 86% improvement

Delivery Options

Depending on your organisation’s requirements, content can be packaged and delivered in a number of ways (face-to-face or online):

  • Large or small group presentations
  • Workshops (size and timing to suit your needs, can be staggered over lunch breaks)
  • Ongoing refresher workshops
  • Display in the foyer or other common area, over the lunch break period, for staff with children, or an interest, to come and talk to us
  • Individual wellness coaching sessions
  • Newsletter snippets “AddEd Wellness” – hints, tips, safe products, recipes, ideas, sharing websites relevant to additive free eating
  • Additive Audit of food supplied onsite – ie cafeteria and vending machines
  • Remote delivery if required

Program Outcomes

Workplace Wellness sessions will provide your employees with:

  • An awareness of the link between food additives eaten and the symptoms being experienced;
  • The knowledge that simple changes can dramatically improve mental and physical health;
  • The ability to read ingredients lists rather than focusing on the advertising claims on the front of products;
  • Key ways to easily reduce overall consumption of nasty additives; and
  • Practical and achievable solutions to transform health, behaviour and learning.

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