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Bacon and Other Processed Meats Can Cause Cancer says WHO

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This is a hot news topic at the moment (October 2015). For those who live additive free, this news will not be of huge concern. We have avoided processed meats for years due to the presence of nitrate and sulphite preservatives and also often the inclusion of MSG or equivalent. The problem with these foods are not just long term…

Simplifying Dietary Change

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When it first dawned on me that food additives were very badly affecting my family, I obviously wanted to make some changes to what we were eating! I’d digested all the information, and started to apply it to the food we ate. It made a lot of sense, and I felt confident we were really onto something. I rejoiced as…

Asthma Cough and Preservatives

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For many, many years, I suffered from an asthma cough that required the use of Ventolin and Becotide to control. I was relying on these medications so much there were times I couldn’t leave the house without these “puffers”. My cough was so bad when I was pregnant with my third child, that I pulled a muscle near my ribs…

Sleeping Problems and MSG

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Sleep. Some people have trouble falling asleep. Some people fall asleep well however wake up frequently during the night. Some people experience night terrors, nightmares and sleep walking which also disturbs sleep. The economic cost of sleeping disorders in Australia has been estimated by the Sleep Health Foundation (in research conducted by Deloitte Access Economics) to cost over $36 billion….