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Living Additive Free

Living Additive FreeMSG

Chicken Stock with “No Added MSG”

Many people find making homemade soups, casseroles or other savoury dishes a whole lot easier when using commercially-bought stock. Whether it is chicken, beef or vegetable stock, using a liquid stock helps reduce preparation time. The problem with this is that many commercially-bought stocks contain nasty additives. And this is not always obvious when reading the packaging. One example is…
Jenny Ravlic
4 September 2020
ChildrenFood for ThoughtLiving Additive Free

Teenagers Eating Additive-Free Foods

Are your children becoming teenagers? Do your teenagers have trouble staying additive free when they are out and about with their friends? For many families, living additive free has reduced (or completely eliminated) symptoms of asthma, ADHD, hyperactivity, sleeplessness, rashes, tantrums and more. Behaviour, health and learning has been improved by lots of families, making simple changes to the products…
Jenny Ravlic
22 July 2020
Living Additive FreeWellness Coaching

Keep a Food and Symptom Diary

Identifying foods (or ingredients) you are reacting to can be tricky if the symptoms are related to food intolerance rather than food allergy. Food intolerance symptoms can be: Delayed Dose related Cumulative A great way to work out what foods you are reacting to is to keep a Food and Symptom Diary. Food diaries force you to write down what…
Jenny Ravlic
17 June 2020
Living Additive Free

Simplifying Dietary Change

When it first dawned on me that food additives were very badly affecting my family, I obviously wanted to make some changes to what we were eating! I’d digested all the information, and started to apply it to the food we ate. It made a lot of sense, and I felt confident we were really onto something. I rejoiced as…
Kathleen Daalmeyer
26 February 2014

Asthma Cough and Preservatives

(This blog was updated and re-posted in March 2020 New Asthma/Cough Post). For many, many years, I suffered from an asthma cough that required the use of Ventolin and Becotide to control. I was relying on these medications so much there were times I couldn’t leave the house without these “puffers”. My cough was so bad when I was pregnant…
Jenny Ravlic
11 February 2014
AdultsMSGSleeping Problems

Sleeping Problems and MSG

Sleep. Some people have trouble falling asleep. Some people fall asleep well however wake up frequently during the night. Some people experience night terrors, nightmares and sleep walking which also disturbs sleep. The economic cost of sleeping disorders in Australia has been estimated by the Sleep Health Foundation (in research conducted by Deloitte Access Economics) to cost over $36 billion.…
Jenny Ravlic
11 February 2014
AddEd ServicesAdultsLiving Additive Free

Personalise Your Journey

What we LOVE about what we do! (from Jenny & Kathleen) At Additive Education one of the things we most enjoy is being able to jump-start and short-cut other people's journeys to Wellness, particularly with the personalised services of Wellness Coaching and Supermarket Tours. It took quite a few years for us to feel like we'd “mastered” the world of…
Kathleen Daalmeyer
11 February 2014